Do I Have a Personal Injury Claim?


by Peter Buxton, trial lawyer

If you have been injured in a car accident that was not your fault you may be entitled to make a claim for your injuries and loss.  In British Columbia you should report the claim to ICBC by calling Dial-a-Claim at 1-800-912-4222 or in the Lower Mainland at 604-520-8222.  When you speak to the operator make sure to tell them that you have been injured and want to make a claim.  You will be given a claim number and information about starting the claim.

At the scene of the accident take pictures of EVERYTHING with yout phone.  This includes the damage to the vehicles, the position of the vehicles on the roadway and the weather and road conditions.  These pictures will help you remember the facts of the accident and your lawyer will need them to help you settle your claim.

Starting a claim does not mean that you need to start a law suit.  Often your claim can be settled by you or your lawyer with ICBC directly.

If you hire a lawyer to act for you their fee may be a “Contingency Fee” calculated as a percentage of the settlement with ICBC.  Percentages vary but the usual fee in B.C. is 25% to 33%.

When you see your doctor and other care givers make sure to tell them all of the injuries that you believe were caused b y the accident.  But, understand that ICBC or other insurance companies will eventually see all records relating to the accident.  They can use these records to defend the claim so do not exaggerate your injuries or mislead your doctors and care givers.  Tell the truth.

If you do have a lawyer handling your claim and you are not satisfied with how your claim is being handled you can change lawyers, usually without any increase in cost to you. Many lawyers in B.C. will give you a second opinion about your claim with no charge to you for this service.


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