7 Simple Truths About The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

ICBC computer image

by Peter Buxton, trial lawyer

1. ICBC is a company created by the provincial government pursuant to the Insurance Corporation Act;

2. ICBC operates a plan of universal compulsory vehicle insurance in British Columbia pursuant to the Insurance (Vehicle) Act and the Regulations thereto;

3. ICBC is a for-profit company;

4. ICBC is a monopoly in that you are required to buy your basic vehicle insurance from ICBC;

5. If you have a motor vehicle accident ICBC will likely represent you and the other driver involved in the accident;

6. ICBC employs lawyers to provide advice to their adjusters and to represent the other party who caused your accident, and

7. Only your lawyer can explain to you whether or not you are getting an objective and fair offer of settlement from ICBC if you make a claim for your injuries, loss, and expense resulting from your motor vehicle accident.

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